Manual planting by Moon

Before the invention of wristwatches, humans' most dependable means of knowing the time was the stars, moon and the sun. There are a lot of controversies on who created the concept of the calendar for moon planting. It is not clear whether it was the Babylonians or the Egyptians. It is certainly probable that every farmer in different geographical areas of the world, had a timetable premised on the moon and that each area could have a distinct moon planting calendar. However, over time and from generation to generation, the moon planting timetable has been reinvented to include the growing of more plants, and they have also combined more efficient farming methods.

man, grass

Observations of the growth rate of different plants during different phases of the moon spiked a desire to study the phenomenon. It was found that the rate of increase and decrease of the moisture in the ground, varied significantly during the different phases of the moon and it inherently affects the growth of plants across the world.

To gather more precise information, it was observed that some specific crops grew at a faster speed when they were planted while the moon was in a particular phase. And the moon only uses two to three days in going through a group of stars, the timetable or moon planting was quite innovative and advanced at that time.

For farmers, harvest time is as important, if not more important than the planting season. Farm produce will be preserved for a much longer period if they are harvested at the right time. This is dependent on the manner the plant keeps water in the produce or fruit at various stages of the Luna cycle.


With cutting edge and developed civilization, the 21st-century human is intent on revisiting the advantages of planting according to the stages of the Luna cycle, and different mediums are being employed to create a viable Moon planting framework for 21st-century use. There will be occasions when the moon planting timetable fails or simply be contradictory, but it is cardinal not to forget that they are not fool-proof guidelines, only tips that can be utilized and altered.

Three Moon Planting Strategies


There are three strategies for planting by the moon: The Biodynamic, the Sidereal, and the Synodic, or waxing and melting away cycle.