Moon Planting Strategies

There are three strategies for planting by the moon: The Biodynamic, the Sidereal, and the Synodic, or waxing and melting away cycle.


  • • Biodynamic cycle
  • The biodynamic cycle is a more defined system which involves using the twelve zodiac signs as a strategy for determining the placement of the moon, to get more precision in the time for planting. In 1924, Rudolf Steiner created this method. The selection was done by observing when the moon passed through the symbolical representations of each one of the zodiac signs in the sky. Apart from this, Saturn and Venus were also involved in the biodynamic farming timetable. Check the Wikipedia article on for more details.

  • • Sidereal cycle
  • Ultimately the Sidereal cycle is fundamentally the same as the Biodynamic cycle with the exception the fact that the definition of the right time to plant, is when the moon circles the earth. The moon’s circling the earth also known as the orbit can be separated into thirty degrees of twelve equal segments, with each one standing as the placement of the moon in the sky. Which in some cases, might be different from the present position of the moon. The sidereal cycle is completed in about twenty-seven days.

  • • Synodic (waxing and waning) cycle
  • The Synodic cycle is the simplest form of moon planting that separates the Luna cycle into four stages. The cycle is completed in about forty days. The approach is to separate plants into different groupings of either foliage, root crop, plant with seeds inside and pants with seed outside. This system then attempts to relegate each plant type to different moon phases which are ideal for the total development of the plant.

On the off chance that you begin to utilize Moon Planting for your plants, it is important that you keep a journal, and include as much information as you can. Tell us the impact on your garden by filling the form underneath.

There is a manual to Moon planting embedded in the update for moon planting. The updates are posted once daily, and it depends on the GMT zone.

Manual planting by Moon

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There are a lot of controversies on who created the concept of the calendar for moon planting. Observations of the growth rate of different plants during different phases of the moon spiked a desire to study the phenomenon.